• Produce Share
  • Produce Share

Produce Share

$ 20.00


An opportunity for members to receive weekly, the freshest, seasonal and sustainable produce from Raleigh's foodshed; The best seasonal meal-makings our collective of sustainable, local farmers can produce.

Premium Produce Share, aka the '$20 Share', is our standard share and includes 6 to 8 varieties of fresh produce each week of the season. The amount of each item is typical to standard purchases at the farmers’ market or grocer: 1-2 heads of lettuce, 2-3 summer squash, 1 bunch of kale, 3-4 peppers, 6 ears of corn, 2 large cucumbers, a bunch of carrots, 1 big head of broccoli, 1 large winter squash, etc.

Choose How Many standard size produce shares, aka the '$20 Share', you want to receive your first week, you can always edit/manage you share size prior to the next order.  Choose one '$20 Share' those weeks you are not home much and double down those weeks you plan to home chef it up most nights or have friends or family joining.

Choose a Share Type & Discount:

    • ALL Types allow members flexibility to manage/edit their shares for weekly add-ons of new items and features, edit quantities, skip vacation weeks, or leave on repeat.  Add-ons and other changes are due before Sunday evening, when orders are processed & billed.
    • Weekly Subscription Shares are billed weekly, the Sunday evening before your next Wednesday share arrives.
    • Prepaid Seasonal Shares are billed one time in advance of the Season(s) and receive discounts as listed below:
      • 15 Weeks Prepaid - Taste a Season -  2% discount
      • 30 Weeks Prepaid - Season, Take Two - 5% discount
      • 45 Weeks Prepaid - The Whole Harvest - 7% discount
      • 52 Weeks Prepaid - Harvest & Holidays - 10% discount
Choose Pickup or Delivery:
    • Pickups
      • Farmers' Collective - 1614 Automotive Way, Raleigh 
        • Wednesdays 4-8pm stop in to the shop to pickup your share and swap or shop for add-ons, stay for a happy hour, taste items featured in the shop and take a bottle of wine and 6-pack of beer to go with dinner. 
    • Deliveries
      • Doorstep Delivery - (Available in zip codes 27604, 27601, 27610, 27608 - Free for Prepaid Seasonal Shares, $2/delivery for Weekly Subscriptions)
        • Wednesdays 3-7pm receive your share delivered to your doorstep and enjoy your share of fresh farm goods without leaving the house.  When you're ready to hangout :), you can always edit you share to let us know you're picking up instead.