• Salad Share - Standard

Salad Share - Standard

$ 16.00


An opportunity for members to receive weekly, the freshest, seasonal and sustainable produce from Raleigh's foodshed; The best seasonal salad-makings our collective of sustainable, local farmers can produce.

Endless Salad Share is our standard share and includes 4 to 5 fresh salad makings each week of the season, especially featuring Endless Sun Farms' lettuces. 

Choose How Many standard size salad shares you want to receive your first week, you can always edit/manage you share size prior to the next order.  Choose one $16 Share those weeks you are not home much and double down those weeks you plan to home chef it up most nights or have friends or family joining.

Choose a Share Type & Discount:

    • ALL Types allow members flexibility to manage/edit their shares for weekly add-ons of new items and features, edit quantities, skip vacation weeks, or leave on repeat.  Add-ons and other changes are due before Sunday evening, when orders are processed & billed.
    • Weekly Subscription Shares are billed weekly, the Sunday evening before your next Wednesday share arrives.
    • Prepaid Seasonal Shares are billed one time in advance of the Season(s) and receive discounts as listed below:
      • 15 Weeks Prepaid - Taste a Season -  2% discount
      • 30 Weeks Prepaid - Season, Take Two - 5% discount
      • 45 Weeks Prepaid - The Whole Harvest - 7% discount
      • 52 Weeks Prepaid - Harvest & Holidays - 10% discount
Choose Pickup or Delivery:
    • Pickups
      • Farmers' Collective - 1614 Automotive Way, Raleigh 
        • Wednesdays 4-8pm stop in to the shop to pickup your share and swap or shop for add-ons, stay for a happy hour, taste items featured in the shop and take a bottle of wine and 6-pack of beer to go with dinner. 
    • Deliveries
      • Doorstep Delivery - (Available in zip codes 27604, 27601, 27610, 27608 - Free for Prepaid Seasonal Shares, $2/delivery for Weekly Subscriptions)
        • Wednesdays 3-7pm receive your share delivered to your doorstep and enjoy your share of fresh farm goods without leaving the house.  When you're ready to hangout :), you can always edit you share to let us know you're picking up instead.