Farmers' Collective is a collective of new and sustainable farmers serving chefs and residents. A food hub start-up, established in 2016 as one of the farm enterprises incubating at Raleigh City Farm, we aggregate and distribute source-identified farm products year-round from sustainable farms in the Raleigh, Piedmont, and North Carolina foodshed.
  • Our mission is to provide chefs and residents an effective way to invest in your local foodshed, eat the freshest nutritious foods available, accelerate the growth of new and young farmers and ensure a future where fresh, local, sustainably produced foods will be abundant in Raleigh.
  • Our philosophy is simple: More Farms, More Food! If our farmers grow, we grow, we all eat, and vice versa. Therefore, we are deeply committed to strengthening these relationships in order to succeed in supporting our area’s access to local and sustainable food.
  • Our commitment is to provide you with the freshest, healthiest, sustainably grown produce from the Raleigh foodshed and introduce you to the member farm entrepreneurs you are helping grow.

Chefs and wholesale customers can receive our weekly availability menu, begin ordering and receiving deliveries by contacting <orders@farmerscollectivenc.com> to request a customer account.

Resident members can receive weekly shares of seasonal farm products by shopping farmshares, our multi-farm community-supported agriculture (CSA) program

Farmers and producers can join Farmers' Collective by contacting  <availability@farmerscollectivenc.com> to request a membership account and provide a list of available products.