• | Jessie Ammons

    Old Milburnie Farm

    Daniel Dayton, 31, is the farm entrepreneur at Old Milburnie Farm. On just under a dozen acres in northeast Raleigh, he’s growing carrots, greens, tomatoes, peppers, melons, squash, herbs, and flowers — and also cultivating mushrooms and raising hogs and chickens. Here, he tells us more about his passion-driven and detail-oriented approach. View Post
  • | Jessie Ammons

    Once Upon a Farmstock ...

    Envision a barn dance meets a concert meets a food festival meets a backyard party, and you have an idea of Farmstock, our annual  celebration supporting new farm entrepreneurs and local sustainable food systems. As we finalize this year’s details, we’re reminiscing about last fall’s (meaningful!) shenanigans. View Post
  • | Jessie Ammons

    Endless Sun Farms

    Matt Spitzer and Chase Werner, both 27, are the farm entrepreneurs behind Endless Sun Farms. In a 3,500-square-foot production space on the site of Raleigh City Farm in downtown Raleigh, they’re growing all sorts of lettuces, microgreens, and herbs — without using soil. Here’s the deal on how that’s possible. View Post


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